Haimanis Group is a technical constructional company that is specialised in the construction of luxurious apartments and modern professional buildings. The founder of the company is Mr. Vassilios P. Haimanis who is activated in the constructional sector since 1965 until today. 

The head offices of our company are located in the luxurious building of offices and stores of High Center (7, Galatsiou Avenue and 2-8, Kostis Palamas Str. - Athens). High Center building has total surface of 13.000 m2 and has also been constructed by Haimanis Group in 1992.

The philosophy of our company is to provide to every candidate purchaser completed proposals and solutions for the fully satisfaction of his needs for modern residence and we achieve it by constructing projects of high technical specifications.
Our goal is the construction of luxurious buildings of apartments, offices and stores in preferential regions, with high quality of construction, modern architectural planning, strict antiseismic specifications and in the most competitive prices. Our main concern is the ideal combination of aesthetics and functionalism, the right exploitation of space and the service of modern needs. 

We achieve our goal due to our multi annual experience, the know-how and the specialisation of our collaborators, our permanent briefing on the technological developments and the disposal for right work with consequence and sincerity. Each project which has been undertaken and delivered by our company is supported by experienced engineers, specialised technicians, analysts and experts of the real estate market. 

Today, having 40 and more years of activity in the constructional sector, we have the ability to satisfy completely the needs and the requirements of our customers. The success of our company is owed that we deliver each project we undertake according to the technical specifications and the needs of our customers, in competitive prices and always within the certain time of delivery. Our claim is that everyone may enjoy a beautiful home which is functional, comfortable and above all firm, safe and secure.